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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 12 reviews

 “An amazing Tutor and Musician all around! Gary taught me from a young age, I passed my graded exams up to grade 8 to a high standard thanks to his teaching. Since then I have gone on to play with a band called Egos at the Door who I have toured around Europe and USA with, as well as recording numerous albums and EPs. His tuition has taught me a lot about music and the different genres within it. Without his amazing teaching, drive and patience of gold, I wouldn't be where I am today with my band and wouldn't have been given the chance to discover and pursue my real passion in life, which is music. He's also a great keys teacher and I also spent some time learning keyboards synthesiser with him. This really enabled me to get to grips with music as a whole. He also helped me to develop my music theory which has played a vital role in my more recent playing. Overall Gary is a great teacher and awesome guy, I would recommend him to anyone looking to start learning music or anyone who wants someone to help improve their playing and musicality in general" - Pete Skelton

“Gary was recommended to me by a friend from primary school, I have been having lessons for going on 6 years, I am now approaching 17 and still the highlight of my week is picking up my guitar and jamming with Gary, not only extremely fun lessons but also educational, I've learnt so much about music history and different musicians through Gary and strongly recommend him to anyone thinking of starting guitar lessons! Brilliant ” - Josh

"Fantastic. I never picked up a guitar until I was 52yrs old I gave Gary a call and he took on a guitar novice and made me feel totally at ease and taught me some great songs from my era which I loved learning because of his patience and enthusiasm”  - Paul 

“I started learning to play the Guitar with Gary and really enjoy his relaxed and patient approach to our weekly lessons. He always takes time to research any genre of music that I choose and he also helps me sing along. Highly recommended.” -  Ben

“A family friend recommended Gary for music lessons and since September 2012 my 12 year old daughter, Hannah, has been taking keyboard lessons and I have taken up the acoustic guitar. Such is Gary's musical versatility, lessons for Hannah include current pop music, whilst for me on guitar we cover rock and pop music from the 60's, through the decades to current day artists. Gary sings along too, which makes learning the songs even more enjoyable.” - John & Hannah Cookson

“I have been going to Gary's lessons since 2010 and feel that I have learned a huge amount. Before I went to Gary's I would hear songs in the car and think I'll never be able to play that and when I went to Gary's I was able to learn these songs. Gary's way of teaching is brilliant he lets the students pick most of the tracks but also teaches the fundamentals of playing the guitar like pentatonic scales and complicated chords. I really do have fun when I go to Gary's and I enjoy being able to play songs that I enjoy and that help me move along in playing the guitar. I would fully recommend Gary to anyone wanting to learn guitar.” - Ben E

“I am sixteen years old and have been learning how to play piano with Gary for nine years now. Gary has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I have always been able to reach my full potential both in my lessons and also at school. Gary helped me to pass my GCSE in music and is currently assisting me with my music A level. I have always found Gary to be extremely approachable and helpful. He has always been patient with my learning and will always go at a pace that I feel I can work at. Ever since I have learnt with Gary my piano skills have improved massively and I can now play pieces that I would never have expected myself to be able to play. Gary has boosted my confidence and has given me a skill for life.” - Madeleine 

“I had piano and keyboard lessons with Gary for around 7 years and within that time I achieved outstanding marks in keyboard grades 5-8 and I also achieved a keyboard diploma. Throughout my lessons with Gary, I learnt an in-depth knowledge of music theory and received any help I needed with my academic work and concert performances. Each week I looked forward to my fun and engaging lessons with Gary and because of his exceptional teaching I was able to study both a Music diploma and an a-level while at college. This led to me gaining a place at Leeds College of Music, were I am currently studying for a Popular Music Degree. I would highly recommend Gary for anyone who has a keen interest in music and wants to become a well-rounded musician." - Stephen Baker

“Brilliant. Great songs to learn to help advance in guitar and really friendly. He teaches how to learn to play any song instead of just teaching specific ones. Thank you" - Dayna Grimshaw

“Gary is an accomplished musician and guitarist with a sound knowledge of musical theory, styles, techniques, tips and tricks to pass on to his students. I have been having guitar lessons for 2 years and have found Gary’s teaching style to be relaxed, fun and styled to suit my individual needs which builds my confidence and enthusiasm. Lessons are constructive, informative and designed around your progression, whilst you feel you are progressing at your own speed Gary is positively supporting you and challenging your ability whilst pushing you out of your comfort zone tapping into that budding guitarist within. I have found that playing the guitar is not just strumming and singing (Gary does the singing not me) the real fun starts with hammer no’s pull off, slides, bends and much more. I would recommend Gary to anyone who currently plays or wants to play guitar." - Mark Dunning

“Gary took Daniel through grades 1 to 4 by the age of 11. He is the most patient, but enthusiastic guitar teacher we have known. He has so much patience and explains everything so well. He gives the children lots of confidence and encouragement. I would recommend him highly.” - Daniel sanderson

“I am 16 years old and am approaching my 4th year under the teaching of Gary and I feel my playing has improved more than I could imagine during this time. Not only this but Gary has also really flared my interest in guitar; he’s introduced me to a much wider variety of music than of that I would’ve ever tried myself through his HUGE library of tabs and backing tracks. In between helping me to work on particular songs I wanted to learn, Gary coached me through my Grade 5 exam, which I passed with merit, all down to his patience, dedication and ability (something very useful for a slow learner like myself!) Gary’s always enthusiastic in lessons and I look forward to it every week, he’s a fantastic guy and a great teacher and I owe all my advancement and enthusiasm in my guitar and music to him, I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.”  -  Milo