Welcome to GT Guitar and Keyboard

Do you want to learn how to play the keyboard, or guitar? Gary at GT Guitar and Keyboard offers quality music lessons throughout Blackburn to help you on your way to learning your new skill.

I provide professional tuition for guitar (electric, acoustic, and bass), piano and keyboard instruments in the Blackburn area. I strive to make all lessons as fun and as friendly as possible.

I teach most keyboard and guitar lessons in my home music studio. Tuition is available for all age groups and skill levels, and a range of genres and styles of music are provided. A library of songs asked for over the years is available to students. Backing tracks are provided with or without voice, and midi files are amended with computer software to provide key changes for guitar playing vocalists. Midi files are also used for keyboard backing tracks.

Students are shown how to use effects pedals and multi-effect processors to produce the guitar sounds associated with particular songs/ tracks. A PA system is available for microphone use.

Grades from 1-8 and diplomas are taught using LCM, Trinity (Rock & Pop), RGT and Rockschool examination boards. Tuition for exams/grades are a way of learning songs and instrumental pieces thoroughly, but are not always a way of training a band musician. Soloing/improvisation is taught by use of the various pentatonic, blues, major/minor scales which are used by guitar musicians. I have many students who have had guitar lessons are now showing their skills playing in bands. Some are touring the world, and have album contracts.

Assistance with practical, music theory and compositional work for GCSE and A Level Music can also be provided. Students have progressed through university studying music. Equipment and computer software is available and used with backing tracks for recording purposes for both keyboards and guitar. Notation software is used for GSCE and A Level compositional work.

About Gary

Gary is a highly skilled and experienced teacher of music. In earlier years, he played piano in a jazz/dance Band, and guitar and bass guitar in rock groups, both semi-professionally.

He taught in secondary school from 1995 until his retirement in 2005, and also privately for 20 years on a one to one basis.

He also has experience of peripatetic teaching in primary schools for both keyboards and guitar, as well as providing tuition at a music shop. He has also completed a 5 year term as representative for the London College of Music.